Jayne Burke 
Holistic Therapist

Let me help... 
Relax your muscles, relieve your stress, ease your aches and pain. To leave you feeling happier and healthier!

Improving the quality of your life is at the heart of all my therapies.

I’ve been helping relieve people’s aches and pains, muscle tension, anxiety and stress for more than 20 years. Whether you’re a busy mum, a jet-setting executive, a pain-wracked pensioner or a depressed 40-something – I can help.

Based in Winchcombe I offer a choice of clinic venues and daytime, evening and occasional weekend appointments. 

Using tried & tested professional, massage techniques I can: 

Focus on problem areas 
Release tense muscles 
Ease physical pain 
Help re-balance your body 
Improve your general well-being 
Promote clarity of thought

With a tension-free body you are likely to feel: 

More energised  
More positive 
Ready for anything! 
“Holistic Massage enabled me to stop and take time out from a busy and hectic lifestyle. I was able to clear my mind, reassess my life and feel positive about the future.”
“I feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and my thoughts are much more positive.” 
“I would highly recommend visiting Jayne, she is a wonderful person and so easy to talk to. Jayne has helped me with so much more than just improving my eczema, for which I am very grateful.”
Client S, 36, female
Client J, 49, female
Client J, 27, female


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