Holistic Therapies

Holistic Massage

I offer a range of complementary therapies which can be used alongside conventional healthcare. Positive Appropriate Touch, (PAT), is important for all ages and the most popular of my therapies is Holistic Massage. 

Holistic Massage encourages your body to let go of its soft tissue tension which has often built up over many years. As you age you become more aware of your aches and pains. Releasing muscular tension helps free you of those ongoing issues and helps you to relax. Holistic Massage is ideal for assisting in the rehabilitation of muscular injuries and for relieving pain caused through stress. If you're a working mum, are in a physical or a sedentary job, are facing a life crisis, or simply have a hectic lifestyle, then this therapy is perfect for you. It can help bring relief from everyday aches, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address feelings of anxiety and tension, and aids general wellness.

Infant & Baby Massage

Positive Appropriate Touch (PAT), is important for all ages. However, when used on little ones, massage needs special infant/baby-friendly application and techniques. 

I run infant and baby massage workshops in which I show new parents how to help soothe your baby when he or she is agitated, in discomfort, or simply won't drop off to sleep! 

The workshops show you how to read your babys body language and communicate with him or her through Positive Appropriate Touch – further increasing the bond you both already share. 

I teach you appropriate PAT techniques for your baby/infant and provide you with the tools to carry them out at any time. An added benefit is that it's very relaxing for you too! 


It is a wonderfully relaxing therapy, needing only the removal of socks and footwear. Reflexology is based on the belief that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which are believed to correspond to all organs and parts of the body. Reflexology works on an individual basis and may alleviate and improve symptoms such as everyday stress and tension. Using expert touch I will help you relax which in turn can help improve your mood, aid your sleep and relieve tension. The result is an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Indian Head Massage 

Also known as Champissage this massage therapy has been practised in India for more than 1,000 years. It focuses on releasing tension in the upper back, neck, shoulders, upper arms, neck, head, face, ears and also includes energy balancing. It is a deeply relaxing therapy that is undertaken fully-clothed and seated on a chair.

Crystal healing 

The use of crystals stretches back thousands of years. Crystals are believed to contain individual properties and vibrations that can interact with your bodys own energy system and Kirlian photography has captured this interaction. I use relevant crystals and a conscious intention to both help and support the interaction between the crystals own energy field with your own. The deep relaxation that is created is an effective antidote to stress, anxiety, low mood, dark thoughts or hopelessness and is helpful in maintaining general well-being. The therapy takes place fully clothed and crystals may be placed on your body or around the room; their position may be intuitive, or dowsed for with a pendulum. 


Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils which are extracted from plants. These oils may be helpful if you wish to improve your emotional well-being and reduce everyday stress. This in turn can improve your ability to cope, relax and sleep. The oils may be applied in combination with massage or I may discuss other options with you. As well as being used in individual therapy sessions and at home, aromatherapy oils are used in a variety of settings, including hospitals and hospices.
Complementary healthcare should never be used in place of orthodox medical care or medication. Always consult your doctor for medical care and diagnosis. Always advise your doctor or other healthcare professional (i.e. midwife, or consultant), if you are receiving complementary healthcare.


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