Case Studies

Relief from agonising back pain

Client A was in his early 70s when he first came to see me for a holistic massage therapy session. 

He had suffered five weeks of agonising pain with a trapped nerve and associated disturbed sleep. Despite various medications, including Diazepam and Morphine Sulphate, from his doctors and sessions with a physiotherapist at Cheltenham General Hospital, the pain was unrelenting. 

His first Holistic Massage session provided him with some pain relief and after further sessions his initial pain disappeared. He said: “I can now get on with enjoying my life again and I feel five years younger!”

Sleep improved and pain relieved

Client B was in her 40s when she first came to see me for a holistic massage therapy session.

She had been the main carer for both of her parents and her mother had recently passed away. It was a very challenging time for her. Her job was very sedentary and she complained of an aching neck, shoulders and upper back and had trouble sleeping.

After her second holistic massage the pain receded. She only suffered pain after driving or working for long periods. 

She said: “After the sessions with Jayne I felt much looser generally and I was able to stop taking painkillers. After further sessions, my sleeping habits have continued to improve and my shoulder pain is gradually disappearing. “I feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and my thoughts are much more positive.”

Client C saw her stress ease and her life improve

Client C was 36-years-old, a stressed and busy mother of two young children, with a puppy and a part-time job. She had no time for herself and was holding tension in her shoulders. 

After three holistic massages she realised her lifestyle was causing her the stress and pain - and she needed to re-assess her priorities. She put in place a new way of working and living. She practised relaxation exercises when she found herself tightening her shoulders – which released the tension and prevented stress accumulating.
 “Holistic Massage enabled me to stop and take time out from a busy and hectic lifestyle. I was able to clear my mind, reassess my life and feel positive about the future,” she said.

Eczema improved and stress relieved

Client D was 27 when she came to see me for a reflexology therapy session. She was under a lot of stress at work and was suffering from eczema and asthma on her hands and face. By using reflexology massage on the points relating to her adrenal glands her body relaxed, her breathing deepened and felt easier. The intensity and frequency of her eczema flare-ups reduced. She also investigated her diet and eliminated any eczema-related foods.

She said: “I would highly recommend visiting Jayne, she is a wonderful person and so easy to talk to. Jayne has helped me with so much more than just improving my eczema, for which I am very grateful.”

Child’s stomach problems disappear

Client E was only seven-years-old when she first came to see me for a reflexology session. She had been experiencing severe stomach pains followed by bouts of diarrhoea for several months. Her mother could see no reason, or find no cure for her daughter’s discomfort despite investigations using conventional medicine. She was concerned at the possibility of her daughter taking long-term medication to treat the symptoms.

Client E received twice-weekly reflexology sessions for three weeks, then four “maintenance and support” sessions spread over four months. Her relieved mother said: “My daughter has not experienced any symptoms since the reflexology and we would not hesitate to use reflexology again.”

Taxi driver now free of back pain

Client F was 47 when he came for a holistic massage therapy session. He was a taxi driver doing local trips and airport runs. He had suffered from various aches and pains, which he thought were his for life. Sitting in a car all day exaggerated his back problem and he realised he needed help.

Regular holistic massage sessions eased the pain and he realised the importance of taking regular breaks. He began scheduling his jobs to arrive at his destination early enough to get out and walk around for a while before starting the drive back home. He also learnt to alter his seat position slightly at regular intervals to reduce repetitive strain on certain muscles. Sessions were spread out as the pain decreased and he no longer needs holistic massage.

He said: “I feel so good. I never thought this would happen. I thought I’d be stuck with these aches and pains for life. Having the massages over a period of time worked wonders and I was totally surprised what it did for my body. It loosened all the tension. It was brilliant.”


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